New Eszter Balint record!

  Willie can be heard on the new Eszter Balint release ‘Airless Midnight’. Check it out here: Airless Midnight boasts three of New York’s most distinguished and original guitarists: Chris Cochrane (John Zorn, Zena Parkins, long time EB alumni) Dave Schramm (The Schramms, Yo La Tengo, others) and Marc Ribot (too many to name!). […]

New Brian! Record

The new BRIAN! EP “Wooden Circuitry” is coming your way on April 10th! 8 tracks recorded w Phil Abbott at Pyramid Sound Studios end of 2014. From minimalist tranquility to angular guitar riffs with quick bassoon and dynamic, grooving percussion, on through free-form experimental composition, “Wooden Circuitry” is BRIAN!’s most focused and strongest effort to […]